Studio K
-Group Fitness-
Yoga, Mat Pilates, Cardio, Senior Fitness, Senior Yoga, Zumba® and much more...

Kay Leeb (owner)
3450 Bunker Lake Blvd., 2nd floor
Andover, MN 55304
phone: (763) 767-7704

Opened on September 1st 2009!
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--Effective September 1st 2014--
Cost increase $10.00 on
all memberships per
(Due to increase in cost of
business and cost of living).
Effective Sept 1st 2014
1/2 Price sale ends

All punch cards back to the regular price
Thank you for your business, we appreciate
all of you and want to see Studio K grow and
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Class Descriptions
Yoga: Increase range of motion, balance, and strength. Breathing and relaxation techniques included.
Mat Pilates: Improve total body and core strength, as well as balance. Breathing and relaxation techniques included.
Latin Dance/Hip Hop/Zumba:
Fun, fast paced, easy to follow class that burns calories.
Belly Dance/Salsa:
A fun cardio workout that will help develop strength, flexibility and balance.
Floor Fitness/Stability Ball
Fun cardio workout followed by stability ball exercise that will help improve core strength and balance. Cardio may include floor aerobics, dance, and kickboxing.
Step/Abs: Easy to follow step class, followed by core strengthening.
Cardio Resistance Training (Step):
Easy to follow step class with resistance intervals.  
SilverSneakers® Classic:
Improve muscular strength and endurance using various equipment with easy to follow moves. Work may be seated or standing. Also improves range of motion and balance.
SilverSneakers® Circuit:
Easy to follow cardio with integrated resistance training to improve muscular strength and endurance. Work may be seated or standing and includes various equipment. Also improves balance and range of motion.
SilverSneakers® Cardio: Easy to follow cardio-Core strenghtening-Stretch and Relaxation
Senior Yoga:
Gentle Yoga with various modifications.
Basic Training:
Increase muscular strength and endurance using various equipment .
Boot Camp:
Enjoy fun and challenging cardio with muscular strength and endurance intervals with various equipment. Be ready for drills and to burn calories! 
R.I.P.P.E.D.™: Cardio class with kickboxing moves including muscular strength and endurance. High energy class that will burn calories!
Interval Training:
This 75 minute class is guaranteed to be a fun and challenging class. Burn calories and increase muscular strength and endurance using various equipment through strength and cardio intervals.
Work the entire core with various exercises and equipment.